MFE Inspection Solutions offers comprehensive drone training courses for companies looking to expand their service offerings with drone technology. We offer training for Flyability Indoor Inspection Drones, DJI Enterprise drones, and Skydio Autonomous drones, including handling, maintenance, navigation, data collection, and on-the-job deployment.


The objective of the training is to offer the basic knowledge and piloting skills needed to successfully perform inspections with the Elios 2 drone. The training exercises have been inspired by the real-life inspections that Elios drone pilots are doing daily.

Elios Controls

You will be instructed on how to arm an Elios drone and how to activate lighting, record points of interest, and toggle to and from the thermal camera.

Elios Training Course Obstacles

Elios Course Activities

Avoid obstacles and perform activities to improve your skills as an Elios pilot when used as a regular practice routine.

Elios Maintenance and Proper Handling

Learn how to properly care for an Elios drone, maintain battery integrity, follow FAA battery transportation protocols and inspect the drone pre and post-flight.

Elios 2 Sensors and Limitations

Discuss the limitations of the Elios and identify which Flyability instrument or accessories are more suitable for your application.

Elios Certificate Of Completion

After completion of the basic training course, you will receive a certification of completion by MFE Inspection Solutions.  This certification is a requirement for the warranty and rental of any Flyability equipment.

Drone-based indoor and confined space inspection can be a real challenge. Even the most experienced outdoor drone pilots need to adapt their reflexes, habits, and techniques to flying indoors. When piloting indoors and beyond the line of sight, you need to consider dust, smoke, protruding objects, falling objects, hanging objects or chains, loss of communication, and the risk of not finding your way back. At MFE Inspection Solutions, we offer a basic and specialized training course for maneuvering the ELIOS in confined spaces on our drone obstacle course built on-site. Our ELIOS training program is a mix of theory and practice, and drone pilots will go through the entire process of a mission, from preparation to realization and data post-processing.

Risk Assessment

Our course is designed with dust, smoke, protruding objects and internals, everything you’ll experience within many confined space scenarios. MFE AIIM Course is designed to give Elios pilots the experience and confidence they need to avoid losing or damaging a drone on the job.


Dark Environments

Confined spaces are often dark, during our training course you will learn to manage your lighting system to navigate and inspect areas of interest.

Perform an Inspection

Fly into our asset and around obstacles, lock onto a point of interest with the distance lock feature and record high-quality visual inspection data.

Inspector Software

Inspector Software

MFE Inspection Solutions will guide you through not only performing an inspection but collecting points of interest and reviewing those points of interest in the inspector software to build a quality inspection report for clients.

MFE Inspection Solutions provides two specialized courses that will help Skydio pilots perform safe, detailed and accurate inspections, utilize advanced features, collect data, construct digital twins, and maintain the drone.

Skydio Professional Operator (SPO)

This course certification will provide you with foundational knowledge about the Skydio aircraft, preflight, launch, flight and landing skills, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting.

Skydio Expert Operator (SEO)

Get certified to operate a Skydio aircraft and Skydios’ advanced autonomous software with SEO certification.

Our one-day basic course prepares students for commercial drone operators and provides introductory training to the DJI Matrice 300.

Handling and Transportation

You will learn how to properly store and ship the Matrice 300 in order to ensure the integrity of the drone.

Matrice 300 Maintenance

Firmware updates are important and proper maintenance of the Matrice 300 is a necessity of the drones’ overall performance.  MFE Inspection Solutions will provide you with the training you need in order to maintain your drone to the manufacturers’ standards.

Basic Payload operation

Fly one of our drones with an instructor to assist you every step of the way.  The basic payload operation of an H20 camera will help operators feel confident in collecting the data they need to acquire for their future visual inspections.

Our two-day course includes all instruction from our one-day basic course and then explores the features involved in advanced commercial drone operation for use in industrial and environmental inspections.

UAV Coach Mapping


Autonomously collect data for orthomosaic photogrammetry mapping and distinguish which payload would achieve the most reliable data for your specific needs.

Drone RTK Ground Station

Satellite Navigation Systems

Discuss the difference between Post-processed kinematic (PPK) and real-time kinematic (RTK).  Learn how and when to set up Ground Control Points (GCP) for specific projects.

Thermal Imaging from drone Example

Thermal Imaging

Learn how and when to use thermal imaging. In the advanced sUas course you will learn about isotherms, color pallets and thermal use case scenarios as well as limitations due to environmental factors.

ZENMUSE L1 Bridge Inspection

Lidar Mapping

MFE Inspection Solutions will guide you through enhanced lidar 3D data capturing to create virtual twins of complex structures or generate highly accurate topographic maps even through heavy canopy.

Matrice 300 Autonomous Features

Learn how to use waypoint autonomous flight mission planning to create trending inspection reports at the click of a button.