Skydio X10



The Skydio X10 surpasses its peers by offering more megapixels and superior optics than any other drone in its category. Featuring high-resolution visual and radiometric cameras within adaptable sensor packages, the Skydio X10 ensures the capture of critical details with utmost clarity and precision, tailoring its capabilities to meet the unique demands of your mission.


With its modular sensor packages and four distinct attachment areas, the Skydio X10 is highly adaptable and swiftly accommodating to the ever-evolving demands of diverse missions. Users have the flexibility to mount a range of equipment, including parachutes, microphones, spotlights, and more, allowing a maximum payload of 12 oz. Whether it’s improving visibility during nighttime operations with a spotlight, enabling communication and coordination in high-risk situations with a speaker and mic, or ensuring safe flying over people with a specially designed parachute provided by AVSS, the Skydio X10 is customizable to meet the specific needs of your mission. Additionally, the incorporation of RTK GPS empowers users with exceptional accuracy.


The Skydio X10, already a groundbreaking entity in the drone industry, elevates its capabilities further with the attachment of the NightSense payload, allowing autonomous flight to break the barriers of light and delve into the unseen landscapes of the night. This enhancement is not just an evolution; it’s an industry-first revelation that ensures 24/7 operational confidence, even in absolute darkness. NightSense, utilizing both visible and infrared illumination, enables the X10 to meticulously avoid obstacles, interpret its surroundings, and make precise decisions consistently.

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